Why is this page Pink?
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This page is sets of pictures that I have taken at various times, mostly SciFi Conventions and RenFaires.

A picture says a thousand words. I try to capture those words, but often fail. If someone looks less then perfect most likely it is the fault of me, the photographer, rather then that they looked bad. It is hard to get good pictures in a crowded and poorly lit hallway filled with wandering people. Not to mention the fact that holding up a camera seems to be a signal for folks to jump in front of you, and I don't mean the ones I was trying to take pictures of.

Some folks have mentioned that most of my pictures are of females. Two reasons for this; 1) Women are pretty. 2) More women wear costumes then men. Also I have noticed that most women in a costume will pose at the drop of a hat. Guys you have to work to get their attention and I am lazy.

Topic Pages
Archon 2003 A B      
CloverCon 2004 A        
Contraception 2004 A        
DragonCon 2002 A B      
DragonCon 2003 A        
ShowMeCon 2004 A B C D  
Maryland Renaissance Faire 2004 A        
Greater St.Louis Renaissance Faire
Midwinter Ball 2004
Archon 2004 A B C D  
Gen Con 2005 A        
Greater St.Louis Renaissance Faire 2005 Season A        
Conflation 2005 A        
Archon 2005 A        
Florida Vacation - Spring Break 2006 A        
St. Louis, MO St. Patrick's Parade 2006 A        
St. Louis, MO EarthDay 2006 A        
Conflation 2006 A        

I in no way claim that I have a copyright on your image (If I paid you to pose for a picture then that would be a whole other matter). If you are in a picture please feel free to copy and save it on your computer. Please do not 'hotlink' the picture to have it show on your website. If you would like to have a better/bigger copy of a picture and I will see what I can do about getting it to you. Face it, if I didn't want to share them I would not have put them on the internet.

Also if you have pictures from similar events you would like to share with people, please let me know the address and I will see about adding a link to your site.

So many reasons to attend - Convention Women

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