A couple of links you might find useful or interesting:

Links of interest
Website Description
Total 62 designs
Deviant Art A place for artist to post thier stuff
Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art
LA Williams Fantasy Art
Satyr Fantasy Art
John Kaufmann Fantasy Art
Starship Dimensions A Museum of Speculative Fiction inspired Spaceships (And some real stuff to)
User Friendly Comic
Sinfest Comic
Something Positive Comic
Felaxx's Gallery Comic
St. Louis, MO Fandom Links MidWest Area SciFi Convention Info
Archon St. Louis SciFi Convention
DragonCon Atlanta SciFi Convention
Convention Survival Guide How to Survive a Convention
Milk and Cookies Funny stuff on the net. Not 100% work safe.
Couples Therapy A man describing his relationship
MC Frontalot Nerdcore Hiphip
Lords of the Rhymes nerd rapping with a Lord of the Rings theme
Am I Right a collection of song lyric parodies
BabbleFish language translator
Convert Me converts from one measurement to another
FreeOldies a place to download old games
Gnod a different type of search engine
Mooter another type of search engine
Flying Car Meet George Jetson...
Winning Lotto Ticket I got all 6 numbers. Now if only they were on the same line...
$87 billion And at last I can see it
Flying Lawnmower No gras is too high
The Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire just a short trip back in time
RampRiders skaters
Cosplay Lab Something for the costume/cosplay folks
Ariel Photos of Mexico City Photos taken of Mexico City from a helicopter


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