Sugar Shack front

Sugar Shack right rear

Sugar Shack right front
Sugar Shack left Sugar Shack left rear

Sugar Shack left front

Sugar Shack inner roof

Sugar Shack inner rear
Sugar Shack right
Sugar Shack right-idea
Sugar Shack front-idea

<pictures and ideas from March-May 2004>

Each and every weekend we seem to make more progress.

So far the back deck has been reframed, stairs added, and now just needs to be decked and have the storage shed rebuilt.

The roof has been resupported, front & rear, plus lowered about 6 inches so it touches the walls now.

Front ramp is 90% of the way toward being rebuilt plus stairs have been added on the other side. Still need to do the rails as well.

Demo deck has been re-decked and had additional cross-supports added to it. Elephants could fornicate on it.

Plans are underway to add a awning over the front. Also in the planning is a skylight painted to look like stained glass, a dragon I belive.

The ideas for a fake second floor have been scrapped...for now. Kinda hard to make a 10' building look 2 stories tall.


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