Investigation into Body Spatial Awareness in the Human Male

We attached a small artificial device, code-named "cell phone", to subject's right hip where it should be protected as the right upper limb normally covers the area. The cell phone device with attachment harness sticks outward approximately 1.5 inches and is about 3 inches in length and 2 inches in breadth.

In the years of observation time before the start of testing, once subject achieved physical maturity, obstacles were rarely ever bumped into, but a dramatically increased frequency of accidental bumping was observed once cell phone device was attached. Subject frequently smacked cell phone into doorways, tables, chairs and other creatures passing by. Conclusion that this was accidental behavior was drawn from the annoyance and shock expressed by subject.

From this test, we have concluded that the human male often passes closer then 1.5 inches to objects, frequently at high speeds, and is innately aware of the size and position of its body as it was often seen sub-consciously twisting it's shoulders, which are wider then it's hips even with cell phone attached, to avoid the edges of doorways and passing creatures, but would strike the cell phone upon same object.

Cell phone device has stood-up remarkably well to the stresses of testing and will be replaced when necessary.

Study will continue with hopes that subject can learn to adapt to it's new shape and size. If subject fails to adapt a new device will need to be created allowing attachment of cell phone to different body part.

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