One of the many ways that people realize the value of a Faire experience is "word of mouth." In today's electronic age, providing that same "word of mouth" experience becomes easier, and even more effective, because of the size of the audience the Internet commands.

So what happened during your most recent Faire experience? Tell us today and help others that have yet to take that step understand just a little bit about the phenomenon that is a Renaissance Faire!

"My husband & I have been attending the Faire since you started 5 years ago. When we attended today, we'd noticed how much the place has changed since the beginning, and even since last year. You have many more buildings now, and the landscaping is coming along nicely. Every year you impress us with your hard work and dedication. Hopefully, we'll be able to take more active participation next season. We're planning to start a small armor business, and would love to have a booth at your faire.

Please keep all of the great work! As ever, we had a great time."

Boomer Goodheart

"I had the, make that the pleasure...of attending the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire last weekend. I can say without question that it was one of the finest faire experiences I have had! I have visited faires across the country and this one was one of the nicest.

Participants and vendors were friendly, the entertainment was great, and the overall 'feel' was welcoming. You've got a great family event going! I'll make the 10 hour drive to come back again!"


"I just wanted to drop a line and say how much I enjoyed the faire yesterday (18th). I took my 5 year-old daughter and drug my husband along (he later admitted having a great time). We had never been to a Ren Faire before, but from what we experienced it will not be our last. Not only did we enjoy the Faire for all of its entertainment, but watching the magic unfold for your kindergartener is priceless. Some things she enjoyed were learning to juggle, dressing up like a princess, and getting a pickle from that 'funny guy'. To hear her shout "Cheat to Win!!" (and mean it) for Sir Malcolm was priceless!

I do have to mention a few individuals who really stood out when it came to talking to her. The tax collector made her promise to clean her room, which she did when we got back home; and the 'dragon lady' in the Scottish Quarter was so engaging in her story that it almost made believers of us all! Most of all, the King's Quest was a brilliant idea and she worked hard to fill up her paper. We sat down to watch the Mid-Day Games and looked forward to the Children's Knightings after. Due to a miss-print on the yellow paper, we thought we had time to catch the pirate show before the 3:00 ceremony. Imagine her disappointment to learn that she had missed them by 15 minutes (white program showed 2:45). My husband had recently undergone back surgery, so we could not stay until 5 for the next knighting. Now all of a sudden we had a very unhappy little girl on our hands. It just broke my heart.

As we were walking out and my husband was explaining to her that she was a princess in our eyes for doing so well today, I saw the King's court in the Scottish Quarter. With quest in hand, she boldly went before the King and asked to become a princess right then and there! I simply cannot thank the King and Queen enough for allowing this private session. Although they were concerned that they did not have any of the props for the ceremony, a gentleman of the court graciously gave his own jeweled fleur-de-lis pin so the ceremony could continue. We left with one very proud, educated, happy, and worn-out princess. Truly, this was above and beyond what we expected.

Please do pass this to all involved. You all were really remarkable and I cannot say enough about your kindness to children."

Very best regards,
The parents of Princess Jordan

"I have been to many ren-fests over the years and I am so glad to have one in my backyard! It is good to see permanent buildings going up on the site and hopefully you will be here for many years to come. I enjoy the shows and just the chance to dress and escape reality for a few days. Keep up the good work!"

Doug Boyd
St. Louis, MO

"Your Ren Faire is amazing! I came Saturday the 31st with my Chamber Choir, and i loved it. Our Medieval faire in my town is much larger and too commercialized for my taste. the smaller more welcoming atmosphere and wooded setting added so much to the overall experience. Several of my best friends are active members of the SCA, and i hope to bring them back next summer to see your faire! My last comment is that i have to say the Elves were my favorite part. I've always wanted to have an elves' hollow at our faire, but it's far too open. I was delighted to see elves at yours."

Katherine Yeatman.

"Congratulations on a great faire...I just returned home from visiting for the first time. I will be back with friends!"


"... We sincerely appreciate Renaissance St. Louis sponsoring this special visit.

As you know, Shriners Hospital serves children with physical disabilities, and the life lessons such as chivalry, honor and self-esteem that were part of your presentation really are important for the patients to hear and learn... We would welcome a return visit anytime."

Barb Sacco CTRS
Director of Recreational Therapy
Shriners Hospital

"Thank you for coming to visit the Teen Lounge on Monday. The teens really enjoyed learning about knighthood and the Renaissance... You have provided them with moments of real pleasure and that is the best medicine of all.

... You have helped to make some special children very happy."

Kimberly Mahn CCLS
Child Life Specialist
St. Louis Children's Hospital

"I asked my students to record their thoughts and feelings in their journals after the presentation. Almost every journal began with the line: "The knight we saw today was SO COOL!" Other memorable quotes were, "I liked hearing about the women's jobs, and advantages and disadvantages of being a woman back then," ... "It was tight!" ... "I plan on going to the Renaissance Faire," ... "I hope I can see them again another time."

The students and faculty enjoyed the presentation very much. It was informative, educational and entertaining. I would recommend the Renaissance St. Louis group to any other teacher of youth group leader."

Jean Weir
Ritnour Middle School
Seventh Grade English

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